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Frankfurt is not really a tourist destination. For most of us foreigners is the place to be with business since it hosts some of the largest trade shows in Europe in the great halls of Messe. So even tough you’d rather be in a sunnier Madrid or a more bubbly London, you are stuck here hoping to do something else than walk from the fair back to the hotel and go out to eat.

Shopping is an option but not if you’re working long hours as everything closes by 8 PM. Some restaurants are still open and truth be told, I haven’t checked the clubs to pass judgement. But I cannot be unimpressed by the beautiful modern architecture blending with the old German style and Gothic churches in the middle of contemporary looking neighborhoods.

I’ve gathered below some photos taken one day of strolling around downtown. The Bahaus influence is visible on most buildings and I love this 80s look in metro stations and along the streets. Feels as you we are again in a wave of culture and change, making a difference and standing out from the cliche corporate lives of today.

Unlike one of my favourite cities, Frankfurt is neat, clean, organised, well equipped with signs, streets and instructions. Everything seems to be in order, everyone is respecting some rules despite the great diversity living there. All this holds a certain aspiring value, a glamour coming from the impressive skyline and being one of the largest financial centers in the world.

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