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Lesson 2

Say romantic city and people will instantly think of Paris or Rome.

With its crazy traffic, narrow buildings and crowded bazaars Istanbul can hardly come up to mind as a romantic getaway for a weekend. However this city sizzles romance and most importantly offers sights that can rival Tour Eiffel anytime.

So if you want to taste romance start with a Turkish breakfast at George’s in Galata area, take a cruise to the Asian side and then enjoy a glamorous dinner at the restaurant on top of Istanbul Modern Museum with an amazing view of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul has countless restaurants, terraces and hotels designed to make you feel comfortable and help you escape the noisy streets. They are also a source of inspiration if you love the feminine romantic style of interior design.

One of the most romantic restaurants I went to is 5.Kat in Cihangir neighborhood. It’s highly rated on most of travel website mainly due to the beautiful terrace with the breathtaking view of the city.

The interior is strikingly elegant with lavishing velvet drapes, romantic Louis style chairs, chandeliers and plenty of candle holders. One thing I consider a bit tacky and unnecessary is the artificial flowers they use all around the halls. Overall the location looks perfect for a long breakfast or a romantic dinner, looking over the Bosphorus while sipping from a glass of wine.

DSC_0109 DSC_0106 5kat DSC_0091 DSC_0103 DSC_0097

view over the city

view over the city

I don’t like to make quality reviews of the places I stay in, but this hotel was probably the best from all I tried so far. It’s located right near Taksim square, has great service, big rooms and most importantly – a feast of decorations. The design was meant to bring together the 2 faces of Istanbul – traditional elements with a spark of glamour well integrated in the modern space. I loved the romantic details, the well made furniture and the view to the narrow streets of Beyoglu neighbourhood. And sorry, I only took a few pictures with my phone because I was too busy getting comfortable and throwing my stuff around the place 🙂


this is not a painting on a wall, this is the wall painted with a frame around it! and it’s on the terrace…

20141113_000023 20141113_000127

The lesson? Well, most of the time our lives are just as frantic, noisy and busy like Istanbul. We run from place to place, worry about work, relationships, live in anxiety and excitement. And we all strive to find a quieter, peaceful, full of love space that is usually our home.

A few pieces of decorations, a nice chandelier, white furniture or bed sheets can make us feel cosy, comfortable and invite us to bring romance to our lives.


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