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Having written about my trip to India in a previous post reminded me of some stunning pieces of design I got to see at Heimtextil trade show in Frankfurt at the beginning of 2014.

This trade show is the largest in Europe for home textile products and gathers designs and producers from all over the world from the high end brands to the local manufacturers of Europe and Asia. The ones that impressed me were obviously the crafts of India and Bangladesh. This guys take the production of textiles close to art so no wonder they have the Taj and all those cool places I showed you in my previous post.

Forget all you know about common fabrics like cotton and polyester and silk! Welcome linen, jute, hide skins, wool blended in shapes and patterns that are a feast for the senses!

As it seems this year’s patterns were a modern reinterpretation of typical Oriental motifs. A minimal geometrical symmetry takes the place of the common paisley and flowerish prints. The colour pallet is mainly composed of earthy shades from neutrals to more vibrant tones of turquoise or autumnal orange.

My pictures are obviously far from great. Actually I wasn’t even allowed to take any pictures, they are very serious about the copying designs issues! But I’m sure you’ll get the idea and wonder why don’t we have more stuff like this in our shops?!

20140109_114509 20140110_135717

20140110_135819 20140110_135935

20140110_140329 20140110_140501

Cushions! Cushions everywhere! I’d fill my bed and sofa with cushions looking like that, wouldn’t you?

20140110_140320 20140110_141015 20140110_141218 20140110_141514


I’m in love with these jute carpets! The woven process is difficult and makes the retail price of such a rug go up to over 1000 EUR. However you can find the Anatolian carpets (kilims) produced by Turkish manufacturers looking similar to these but at somehow lower prices.